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Spending Impulsively


What would you do if the Lord whispered into your ear “you’re going to give your way out of debt?” Do you have enough faith to believe? Will you be faithful and follow the instructions? Because you do know, a part of faith is walking as though things already are. You see, God would always give me a way out of making an impulsive purchase. I just rarely took it. I’d always know when a purchase was made without consulting God first because I would wake up the next day literally feeling sick to my stomach and bad about my decision. Or my first thoughts would pertain to how tight money was and how I couldn’t afford what I had just purchased.

The crazy thing was I would often ignore these thoughts and feelings and rationalize how “I really needed” whatever it was I bought. Many times, I would suffer in silence trying to balance the accounts (quite frankly we had too many, but that’s covered later on in the book). But many times, days and then even months would go by without me touching the item.

A Church Girl's Guide to Overcoming
Impulsive Spending